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Companion initially started in 2003 and since then has become an extremely reputable and trustworthy brand today. Companion is a part of the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) and so all of its products, practices and services must meet a very high standard. The company’s headquarters are located in West Yorkshire and it also has a large team of surveyors across the country. Companion is well known for it’s excellent customer support with engineers being on call every hour of each day. All of Companion’s stairlifts come with a year long guarantee on labour and mechanical parts.

Companion offers solutions for all types of staircases including straight, curved, narrow, outdoor and spiral staircases. They can also tailor make seats and armrests so that you are at your most comfortable. Companion stairlifts are powered by Direct Current (DC) and the rechargeable batteries provide reliability should there be a power outage. Stairlifts are built to fit the precise measurements of your staircase meaning that installation is a quick and easy process. After a Companion technical surveyor has assessed your staircase, a stairlift can be fully installed in just 3 days. The team involved will also guide you on how to use all features of the stairlift so you will get the most out of it.

Companion Stairlift Features

Track and Track Extensions

Companion offer solutions if there is a possibility that a doorway is blocked by your stairlift’s rail track. They will make part of the track ‘power-hinged’ which folds back allowing access through the doorway.

If you have a small fear of getting off the stairlift right at the top of the stairs, Companion will also extend the track for you so it takes you a bit further away from the staircase.

Swivel Seat

Companion fit their stairlifts with specially designed swivel seats that allow users to get on and off easier – lessening any chance of damage to your back. Additionally, you have the option to have a powered seat that turns at the push of a button. All in all, it means there is nearly no strain placed on you or your back. The seat is also fully adjustable and provides excellent lumbar support.

Safety Sensors

All Companion stairlifts are fitted with at least 10 sensors ensuring utmost safety. Should something be detected in the stairlift’s path, the lift will come to a quick stop until either the obstruction is moved or you go back to ask someone for assistance in moving it.

Design & Style

Stairlifts can be quite a noticeable feature in anyone’s house and it is important for it to work with the current colour scheme in your house. Companion offer a choice of 6 colours for the lift’s seat and cushion. If you plan on changing anything in your house, the stairlift ¬† can also be reupholstered to suit your needs.


The controls on your companion stairlift can be fitted on your left or right. It’s an extremely handy feature for those who have difficulty in moving the left or right side of their bodies. In addition, Companion offer a remote control that can be used to send or call the stairlift in either direction.

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