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After continuous use of your stairlift, there is a good chance that you may need to get it serviced or repaired. Stairlift replacement parts are often required every few years, though this time frame is quite variable. Many of the major companies like Acorn or Stannah offer spare parts through special distributors. Many users may also opt to manually change the stairlift parts themselves with assistance from a manual or guide.

Rail Track

The rail is the track on which the stairlift movies. Rust can occur on some of these tracks as they may be exposed to water through humidity in your home. Lubricating the track with oil will help and reduce if not eliminate any creaks while you’re using the stairlift. It is not difficult to replace the tracks and they can be replaced all in one go. Straight stairlift tracks are far more easily replaceable than their curved counterparts. This is simply because curved tracks need to be built specifically for your staircase. Straight tracks are also cheaper and quicker to replace too. There are many companies who offer stairlift replacement and maintenance work including the major brands who you may have bought your stairlift from in the first place.

The Seat

After continuous use, many seats (let alone stairlift seats) will lose some degree of comfort. There can be tears and the padding system may not be as effective. Changing the seat is a quick and easy process which some people prefer to do themselves. It simply involves buying new padding and replacing your current stairlift’s cushions with it.


Batteries for any devices usually need replacing after consistent use over many years. Many newer stairlifts will inform you with a message or beeping if the battery is faulty or needs replacing and some have a bar that monitors its performance. The frequency at which your battery requires replacement will obviously depend on how much you use the stairlift and how often you use it. If you’re leaving the home for a while or going on holiday, it’s important to make sure you turn all aspects of the stairlift off.

Additional Parts

Armrests, footrests, headrests, LCD control panels – though less likely these all may at some point need to be replaced.

Ask Questions

When you choose to buy a stairlift, you should make sure to ask questions to the manufacturer/company from whom you are buying it. If you provide them a rough indication of how often you plan on using it and the weight it will have to carry, companies can often provide slightly extra feedback concerning its maintenance – for instance which parts will likely need servicing and where any potential problems may occur in the long run. This will allow you to check your stairlift regularly and call in for maintenance or replacement before a real problem occurs.

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