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nationwide mobility logoThis mobility website was first setup as a result of a frustrating experience of buying a mobility scooter and later a stair lift myself for my pensioner father. Buying mobility equipment is in someways much like buying a car, it can be expensive and there is a lot to learn before making a purchase which is right for your specific needs.

The mobility market in the UK is growing every year, in line with an increasingly aging population. The good news is that this means more choice for mobility users and those with physical disability. Prices should also start to fall as production volume rises too.

I endevour to keep writing on all topics relating to mobility equipment and making the right choices and avoiding the common mistakes! Most articles will focus on mobility scooterselectric stair lifts, electric or power wheelchairs and bath aid devices. Every now and then I’ll also turn my attention to health issues such as back pain and walking difficulties.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to get in touch.


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