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Which is better: 3 or 4 wheel scooter?

3 wheels vs 4 wheels

Both 3 wheel and 4 wheel scooters have their advantages and disadvantages. Three wheels allow far greater manoeuvrability especially indoors and in smaller spaces. Four wheels on the other hand offer more stability and are generally considered to be less likely to tip over. It’s really all dependant on your needs. In order to choose between a three wheel scooter and a four wheel one, ask yourself some questions like – Where am I going to go in my scooter? Will I be riding it outdoors or indoors; or both?

Three wheel scooters are also often chosen over four wheels because they provide greater legroom. If you’re quite tall, around the six-foot mark or just have very long legs, a three wheel scooter might be a better option. Generally speaking, three wheels on a mobility scooter will mean roughly a 30% tighter turning radius making them ideal for narrower corridors and other small indoor areas. In addition to this, 3 wheel scooters are often more portable than their 4 wheel counterparts. They’re lighter and easier to fold away.

However it is important to reiterate that one less wheel will certainly result in less stability. That’s not to say 3 wheeled scooters aren’t safe, but an additional wheel provides extra balance and can support more weight. Four wheels are also far more suited to outdoor use, especially on uneven terrain and on lengthier journeys. In fact, some companies have limited their production of three wheel scooters in favour of four wheels.

You must remember that though each type of scooter has its benefits, a lot of the qualms and potential problems associated with both actually come down to the driver. If you’re a good driver, aware of changes in surface evenness then you are just as likely to potentially tip over on a 3 wheel scooter as a 4 wheel scooter.

All in all, it’s up to you! Think hard about what you definitely want a scooter for and what you will occasionally use it for. ┬áIf it’s indoor activity with occasional outdoor activity 3 wheels would likely suit. Outdoor use, outside the home and on the pavement and road, your choice would be 4 wheels.

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