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Mobility Scooter Insurance

Whilst there is no legal requirement that electric mobilty scooter users need insurance, it is well worth holding in case of an accident either to yourself or others. Mobility scooters are also expensive so it’s worth considering insuring them too.

The two main types of scooter insurance available are for the scooter itself and third party. The DVLA amongst other organisations strongly advise taking out mobility scooter insurance, which starts from as little as £60 a year.

With regards to mobility scooter insurance, the DVLA comment:

“Although it is not a legal requirement, it is strongly advised to have insurance. Suitable schemes are not too expensive and are available to cover your personal safety, other people’s safety and the value of the vehicle.”

Scooter Breakdown Cover

If you want greater peace-of-mind than just taking out a good insurance policy, then it can be worth considering paying for mobility scooter breakdown cover. This means that in the event of an emergency (eg. battery dies) you can rely on someone local to come to your rescue and get your scooter on the move again.

There are a growing number of companies who provide breakdown cover for scooters, and we will soon be detailing a comparison of some of the better ones to consider.

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