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12 Badass Mobility Scooter Users

The humble mobility scooter has to be one of recent man’s greatest inventions.

And we’re not just talking a means of helping people get about, we’re talking about a vehicle which gives its users the flexibility to travel in style, and hell, for those who perhaps fancy a slight rush of adrenaline, the freedom to perform daring stunts. I mean, come on, mobility scooters have been in some of the best Jackass scenes!

Now to prove my point (hands-down), check out these ingenious mobility scooter adaptions below.

1. Sir Mobility of Camelot

Funny Mobility Scooter

Now this is a man (with a hench beard no-less) who knows how to impress the “dames” with his Stallion Mobility Scooter. The mind can only wonder what he’s packing under there…

2. Please, Pimp My Ride!

Pimped Mobility Scooter

The wry smile says it all. This lucky chap won a competition which saw his (mobility) ride pimped up to the tune of £2,500. At a mere 72 years old, Albert is often seen causing trouble, tearing up the city parks with his bad-man scooter.

3. The Batmobilitybile

Batmobile mobility scooter

This Dark Knight adaption took a certain 74 year old dude 16 weeks to build. Rumored to be making an appearance in the new Batman movie, it’s the perfect vehicle for protecting the neighbourhood from the  geriatric Penguin.

4. Yeeeeeeee Ha!

Horse mobility scooter funny

We’re going overlook the blatant imitation of the legendary Sir Mobility of Camelot by the Queen of England here. I do however approve of the feeding box mod. Now it just needs some crazy suspension to become a mobile rocking horse.

5. The Stretch Mobility Scooter

Two Person Mobility Scooter

Sing with me now: Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do, I’m half crazy all for the love of you. It won’t be a stylish marriage –I can’t afford a carriage, but you’d look sweet on the back seat of a “Mobility Scooter” built for two.

6. Aren’t you a bit young to be driving that, son?

fastest mobility scooter

This crazy young man set a World Record for the the fastest speed achieved on a mobility scooter. At 100 km/h, catch him if you can.

7. …he’s not done yet!

Mobility Scooter stunt

Here he is again, this time showing off with some of his extra mobility scooter skills (that unfortunately don’t pay the bills, going by his tea-stained shirt).

8. Jeremy Clarkson’s Future

Jeremy Clarkson Mobility Scooter

Jeremy Clarkson on a mobility scooter with 8 off-road wheels and a jar of pickled onions… say no more!

9. Scooterin’ the morning after a hot curry

Mobility Scooter Wheelie

Nice bit of obvious ‘shopping here, but what the hell, it sparks the imagination.

10. Vroooooooooooom!

Racing Mobility Scooter

No contest! The mobility scooter wins hands down, every, single time.

11. Don’t drink and drive

Mobility Scooter Crash

This lady was found 3 times over the drink-drive limit and banned from her cherished mobility scooter for 3 years.

12. Finally… Watch out for this hardcore scooter gang

The Red Wheelies

This fierce looking clan go by the name of the Red Wheelies. They can be seen touring the country, terrorizing locals and burning some rubber in many a local village and town.

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