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Maintaining and servicing your stairlift is an integral part of stairlift ownership. Many companies today offer maintenance and repair cover plans that take care of everything all in one package.

Replacing or fixing broken parts of  a stairlift can be very costly, so much so that it can even be more than a maintenance contract for a single year! Not only this, but ensuring you have a qualified professional do the work for you means the work will be done properly and the results will last. No shoddy DIY projects please!

Stairlift cover can start anywhere from £200 with an upper limit of £500. The lower the price, the less you are covered and in this way it is advisable to choose a mid-range to high-level protection plan. This will ensure you balance cost and service level that will be provided.

If your stairlift is situated in a commercial building you must keep it regularly maintained and in full working condition by law.

If you insist on maintaining the stairlift yourself you must know how to open up the system and view inside of it. To do this, you will definitely need the correct tools – a standard screwdriver should be able to do this, but check before having at it. Always refer to your stairlift’s manual if you have any problems along the way as they often provide useful tips for cleaning and maintaing as well as troubleshooting sections if your stairlift is simply not working.

To clean the inside circuitry of dust and other products, always use a dry cloth. Another good tip is to use cable ties should things become a bit messy. This will help you organise the insides so you can clean more effectively as well as easily.


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