Stair Lifts

How are Stair Lifts Installed?

Stairlifts should be installed by a trained and qualified professional to ensure that they are fitted correctly and without any errors.

If you choose to buy a stairlift from a notable company such as Stannah, Companion or Acorn an inspector will come round first to examine the staircase and determine whether it is suitable for a lift to be installed. Since the stairlift is attached to the stairs and not to the wall, your staircase must be in good condition as it will be bearing most of the weight.

After certifying that the staircase is in a suitable condition, the rail and track will be fitted. A stairlift essentially consists of a mounted rail on which the chair and motor sits and rides. The rail is attached to the stairs by screwing brackets into the treads of the stairs themselves and can in some cases be completely supported by these brackets. The rail track usually comes in parts that are connected by the professional while installing.

stairlift bracketAfter the rail track is attached and complete, a motor will then be mounted on it. The seat which you have chosen (the stairlift model) is then attached to the motor and you are very much ready to go.

If you have a curved stairlift, the job becomes a tad more complicated as the rail has to be specifically manufactured and designed to follow the pattern of the staircase. By making it bespoke you are ensured it fits the curves and bends as tightly as possible resulting in a much smoother ride.  The installation process is essentially the same, but will inevitably take longer.

When the initial inspection and analysis of your staircase is complete, the stairlift, track and rail usually takes no more than 2 or 3 hours to fully install. For straight and simple stairlifts the time is usually less.

After installation, the professional will guide you through on how to use your stairlift and answer any of your questions. This will ensure you understand everything about it and you will be able to get the most out your brand new stairlift.

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