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Mobility Scooter Maintenance

To maximise the lifespan of your mobility scooter, it is important that its parts are well maintained and serviced. When not in use, keep your scooter in a clean and dry place (such as a garage). If anything does break, contact the manufacturer as you may be covered until warranty.

Maintaining the battery

The most important part of the scooter to maintain is the battery. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines before use and check any warranty. Scooter batteries will typically require 8 to 11 hours of charging at a time to reach full-charge. The battery should be charged after any prolonged use of the scooter, and any cold spells which will cause loss of charge.

If you’re lucky, a well maintained acid battery can last up to 5 years, however most average a 3 year life-span. When you start to notice that the life of the battery is shortening, you should look at buying a replacement scooter battery which are around £50.

Scooter tyres and inner-tubes

Aside from maintaining the battery and general electronic components, the other important part of the scooter to check is the tyres and wheels. You want to ensure that your tyres are always at the right pressure to give a smooth riding experience, and minimise the risk of any accidents. Repair any punctures immediately by replacing the inner-tube. You may need to contact your supplier to support when doing this.

Spare and replacement parts

If for some reason you do need to replace a certain part on your scooter, then you are best to contact the supplier of the scooter to find out whether you can purchase the needed part from them. Do not be tempted to buy imitation scooter parts as you cannot be sure of their durability.

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