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Wheelchair lifts are designed to raise or lower wheelchair users from one level to another. Wheelchair lifts are generally used in the home, but can also be installed outdoors. They come in two different types: electric or hydraulic. If you’re considering getting a wheelchair lift it is extremely important to ensure you research the topic well and buy from a reputable supplier. You should assess its features such as whether it’s specifically for indoors/outdoors or the types of surfaces available. When choosing a manufacturer make sure they meet the National Safety Code set by the government.

Hydraulic Wheelchair Lifts

These produce no noise and offer a smooth bump-free ride since they work with the use of liquids. They are very safe and sturdy and there’s no problem should there be a power cut. Hydraulic lifts however are considerably more expensive than other types.

Electric Wheelchair Lifts

These run on an electric current and will also have a battery in case of a power a cut. They are significantly cheaper than wheelchair lifts.

Depending on what the wheelchair users need to access, wheelchair lifts are of two types i.e. wheelchair van lifts and wheelchair stair lifts both of which are hydraulic or electric powered. Wheelchair van lifts make it possible to step into vans without any difficulty whereas wheelchair stair lifts are used to move up and down on different floors of a building. The most common wheelchair lifts are vertical wheelchair lifts and portable wheelchair lifts. It’s important to consider a variety of factors when purchasing your Wheelchair lift.

Strength & Weight Capacity

The wheelchair lift you select needs to be strong and stable to easily carry you from A to B. Aluminium is often a good choice, as as well as being strong it is less prone to rust. Generally speaking you should go for a lift able support from 500 to 700lbs weight.


Style and design are important things not to be overlooked. Try to choose a lift that is based upon technology and is technologically advanced. Not only will this make things easier in the long run, these lifts generally tend to be more stylish and so fit in easily with modern decor.

Ease of Use

Never forget that the wheelchair user must be able to easily operate the wheelchair lift. Dexterity issues should be noted and you should either inform the wheelchair manufacturer about any alterations required.

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