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Stannah Stairlifts located in Hampshire was first founded by Joseph Stannah in 1867 as a crane and hoist manufacturer. A century later in 1975 the company would begin to design, build and export their first range of stairlifts. Just 9 years after this, Stannah would become the global market leader in stairlift manufacture. By 2001, they had built 200,000 stair lifts and in 2011 celebrated the creation of their 500,000th with a visit from none other than HRH The Prince of Wales. Stannah offers a very wide selection of stairlifts that are customisable in colour and fabric and are guaranteed to suit your preferences and needs.

Stannah’s Stairlift range has a wide range of features that are seen on all its models. These include:

  • Foldable chair so there is space for other stair users
  • Swivel seat with lever
  • Seat Load Sensor – the lift won’t operate until you are seated safely.
  • Retractable Seat Belt – designed to aid those with dexterity problems.
  • Seat Edge Sensors – Obstructions will be detected and the lift will come to slow stop
  • Easy to Use Controls – ┬ádesigned to avoid issues regarding dexterity
  • Self-charging battery so the lift is always available to use
  • Local on/off switch to prevent unnecessary use
  • All Stairlifts are fitted to the stairs and not to the wall to ensure no mess and easier installation
  • Customisable in colour and fabric
  • Straight rails are available in bronze and silver

Stannah Starla Stairlift

Starla stairliftThe Stannah Starla Stairlift is possible one of the most ergonomic lifts available on the market today and is available on both straight and curved staircases. It has the most customisable elements and so if style is important to you, this would be an ideal choice. Another feature includes the addition of a powered footrest and seat that will aid anyone suffering from back pain or joint mobility problems. With a push of a button the seat will turn to face the hall and the footrest will fold itself away meaning you don’t have to bend down causing you pain.

Stannah Sarum Stairlift

Sarum stairliftThe Sarum is one of Stannah’s most popular stairlifts and is mainly used with curved and complicated staircases. It will navigate perfectly landings, curves and spiral staircases. The┬áStannah Sarum Stairlift is designed specifically to not obstruct the staircase and allow room for other stair users.

Stannah Saxon Stairlift

Saxon stairliftThe Stannah Saxon Stairlift is a classic yet stylish model built to suit your needs while providing you with safety and comfort. With a slim and sleek design it has proven consistently popular, especially with straight and narrow staircases which other stairlifts may not accommodate as efficiently.

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