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Renting a Stairlift

Renting a stairlift is often seen as a more practical approach for an individual’s mobility needs and in many ways has advantages over buying one. The most obvious reason anyone would rent a stairlift is if it is meant to be a temporary solution. This article will help clarify whether renting a stairlift may just be the option you’ve been looking for.

It’s Easier

Renting a stairlift is an ideal solution should you have a friend or relative with a disability visiting you. It’s also an excellent option for those who have just undergone surgery and are temporarily unable to move certain parts of their bodies. Before the introduction of stairlift rental, individuals would have to pay for a full stairlift even if they only required it for a few weeks. Stairlift rental today means that you are able to avoid this hassle not to mention, have the stairlift be installed and removed whenever you need it to be done.

It’s Cheaper

Renting a stairlift will save your money! All the while you’ll┬áreceive the same benefits of owning a stairlift at a smaller monthly cost. Renting a stairlift is similar to hiring a car for travel in the sense that you’re only real responsibility is to pay monthly payments. In addition you can receive a top of the range model that you might otherwise not be able to afford.

Maintenance and Service

Whether you rent or buy your own stairlift, you will certainly need to have it maintained or repaired, especially over longer periods of time. Renting a stairlift means that service and maintenance are things you don’t need to worry about since it’s all taken care of for you. Most companies who rent out stairlifts will provide maintenance as part of your contract; all you have to do is phone them up and tell them the stairlift you’ve rented needs fixing.

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