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Platform lifts are an excellent option for businesses and larger homes where accessibility is an issue. Many companies today offer small elevator type lifts that can travel up to and over 12 metres in height. Innovative and with contemporary designed, choosing a platform lift has never been easier as they are specifically tailored to suit our modern decor.

For instance, Stannah offer a variety of different platform lifts that serve different purposes. These include low rise lifts that travel up to 1metre in height. Standard platform lifts that can travel up to 7 metres in height, and cabin platform lifts that can travel up to 12 metres. The standard and cabin platform lifts can be fitted with steel and/or glass panels too.

When searching for the ideal platform lift for your building, especially when you’re looking at larger elevator type lifts, reliability and safety should be of the highest priority. Though you will of course want to avoid paying ridiculous prices for your platform lift, this should not come at the cost of cutting down on safety.

Additionally, once you have chosen your platform lift and have it installed, in accordance with The Health and Safety at Work Act passed in 1974, you must keep your lift regularly maintained and serviced so that it is in good working condition.

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