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It has been a legal requirement to make all workplaces accessible for disabled individuals since 2004. Included in the features that should be installed in a business’s building with disabled employees are stairlifts, wheelchair lifts and platform elevator lifts.

Commercial Stairlifts are used in places such as business offices, educational institutions, healthcare services, and other shops and public spaces like libraries. Disabled people make up roughly 20% of our population and so having stairlifts and other disability products at hand will not only prevent potential legal action against a business, but also will likely drive up sales.

Employees who need assistance climbing stairs could easily benefit from the installation of a stairlift in an office. Stairlifts and elevators are nearly always seen in buildings like hospitals and should your employee workforce be on the older side, it is advisable to have on installed.

Comercial stairlifts are available in the same manner which personal stairlifts can be bought. They come as straight stairlifts, curved stairlifts, and outdoor stairlifts. Additionally platform lifts are an excellent choice for companies and businesses with a larger number of employees or clients. By offering these services in your commercial building, you instantly enable people to move freely between floors which could also increase your businesses’s productivity!

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