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Where to Buy a Mobility Scooter?

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There are a variety of options¬†when choosing where to buy your mobility scooter. There are of course large retail stores as well as the option to purchase a mobility scooter directly from manufacturer themselves. Additionally, individuals can also purchase second hand mobility scooters from former users. Second hand mobility sales are quite a large market, and with a little bit of effort in studying the scooter’s condition and any warranties that come with it, you can make a wise, not to mention cheaper choice.

You will also find a plethora of websites that sell mobility scooters online. If you’re serious about purchasing a mobility scooter you should always check all the options available. Various websites and high street retailers will have sales that undercut any quotes you can provide them with. Some companies too offer additional services such as full demonstrations on how to use the scooter so you won’t be left confused with any aspect of it. They can also offer full inspections both before and after delivery to make sure everything is in tip-top shape.

Should you choose to buy second-hand never forget you can additionally purchase a warranty for as little as ¬£99 for one year’s cover!

Other features to look out include:

  • National Coverage
  • Pre-purchase assessment to see which mobility scooter is the one for you
  • Does the scooter come assembled or will someone assemble it for you?
  • What warranties does the company offer? What happens if anything malfunctions or breaks. Various companies offer to fix the scooter but some ask you to pay for the postage which, for a scooter can be quite a sum.
  • Have you looked into the companies reputation? Are they reputable and reliable ?



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