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The Dangers of Using a Mobility Scooter

Mobility scooters are without a doubt great pieces of equipment for the disabled and physically impaired. They provide users with a quick way of getting from here to there and back again in a quick and compact vehicle. Mobility scooters however aren’t a magic solution for all your disability needs and can come with some rather unwanted drawbacks. The dangers of using a mobility scooter on the road has become very apparent over the past few years. There are roughly 350,000 mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs in use around the U.K. today. It was only a few years ago that the government began introducing tests and checks for scooter drivers. Laws were tightened, policies rethought; and why? Because mobility scooter accidents are unfortunately more common than you might think. There have been a vast amount of cases involving poor driving, collisions and even drink-driving!

Mobility scooters aren’t toys! They’re genuine carriage vehicles and if you’re driving a class 3 scooter at up to 8mph you must be careful! Remember too that the having of a scooter doesn’t negate your need for exercise. Many people can become lazy and over-dependant on their scooter leading to weight gain and even development of diabetes! Though mobility scooters do require effort to drive, you should at least on some occasions attempt to mildly exercise areas of the body and/or walk shorter distances.


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