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Road Mobility Scooters, otherwise known as Class 3 category vehicles, are permitted to be driven on roads. The required speed for all road-legal mobility scooters is 8mph (12.8kmph). Road Mobility Scooters must fit a degree of specifications by law so that they pose no safety risk to others or the drivers themselves.

One of the main features of road mobility scooters is that they will generally have two speed settings which can be changed with a switch by the driver. The first setting allows a maximum speed of 8mph and the other setting a maximum speed of 4mph. A 4mph speed is intended for pavement or footpath use. The 8mph setting is only allowed to be used when driving on the road.

Individuals wanting a class 3 r0ad legal mobility scooter need not have a driving license, but still must obey the Highway Code which includes eyesight rules and not being able to drive under the influence of any substance, whether it be alcohol or drugs.

Road Mobility Scooters are not permitted to travel on motorways, bicycle or bus lanes. They are however allowed on dual carriageways so long as they are of a certain size. When travelling on a dual carriageway, users must utilise a flashing beacon to alert other drivers of the mobility scooter’s presence.

Road Mobility Scooters will also have front and rear lights and directional indicators which can be used as hazard lights. They are also fitted with a rear view mirror and a horn.

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