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Pavement mobility scooters are an ideal choice for those seeking independence. They can enable formerly restricted individuals to travel freely outside, around town, through streets, all by themselves. They can also be driven in shops. Most pavement mobility scooters are also designed to be quite compact and so fold away easily or can be disassembled quickly into individual parts so the scooter can be transported from A to B.

Pavement mobility scooters are legally permitted to travel at up to 4mph. They are also permitted to cross roads so that you can get from one side of the street to another. In this way, with a pavement mobility scooter you can travel anywhere (except on the roads of course).

Pavement Mobility Scooters fall under class 2 category vehicles and also include any other 4mph mobility vehicles. Unlike Class 3 vehicles they do not need to be registered with the DVLA. Pavement mobility scooters must also not have an unladen weight of more than 113.4 kgs.

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