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Mobility Scooter Replacement Parts

Mobility Scooter Replacement Parts

There are a numerous stockists of mobility scooter replacement parts throughout the U.K. both online and offline. Should you find your mobility scooter is malfunctioning in anyway whatsoever, it is advisable to have it checked by a qualified professional. They will be able to tell you the specific problem and what needs repairing or replacing.

Mobility scooter manuals play a very important part in this regard as not only will they help you locate the specific problem, they can even sometimes show you how to replace parts all by yourself!

Tyres and Tubes – The tyres and tubes on your mobility scooter can become worn out and lead to a somewhat bumpy ride. If you’re unsure about the size your scooter requires, simply check the side of the tyre where the size number should be clearly visible.

Batteries – Replacing the battery on your mobility scooter is not as difficult as you may think. For the type and size you require, check your old battery and find a suitable equivalent. So for instance, if it states 12v8ah – this means as 12 volt, 8 amp/hr battery.

Armrests and Seat-covers – The armrests and seat covers on your mobility scooters can over time become worn out and even uncomfortable. Repairing and perhaps replacing them may be an excellent option to give you that extra comfort back.

Motor Brakes – Most mobility scooters use regenerative braking systems, occasionally called ‘electro-mechanical dynamic scooter brakes’.

Headlights and Light bulbs

Circuit Breakers – Circuit breakers on your mobility scooters provide the same function as they do in your home. They prevent overloads of electric current and therefore protect against any potential damage from them.

Motor Brushes – Motor brushes are an integral part of a mobility scooter’s motor. Normally found on a spring with a graphite block, the motor brush is specifically tailored to tolerate certain factors.

Speed Potentiometer – Otherwise known as a ‘speed pot’ this allows you to alter the maximum speed you can drive your mobility scooter.

Throttle Pots – Otherwise known as a throttle pot, this device allows you to control forward and backward momentums of the scooter by using a lever.

Controllers – The controller is a microcomputer that regulates the brakes, acceleration, and speed of your scooter. It is usually specifically built by individual manufacturers, so be sure to get the one for your specific model!


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