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All-weather canopies for mobility scooters

All-weather canopies are possibly most the useful accessory you can get for your mobility scooter. Easy to use and very affordable, they provide shelter from all types of weather such as rain and strong winds. The main benefits of utilising an all-weather canopy are as follows:

  • The scooter canopy is perfect for all weather conditions and will keep rain outside, just like as if you were sitting in a car.
  • Warmth – those using a mobility scooter often have problems with back pain other joint problems. Canopies can help keep the cold out, not just off the air inside the mobility scooter but also your body.
  • If you’re carrying any items in your scooter such as groceries or some items you may have bought on your trip, the canopy will keep these dry too.
  • Takes the stress off of you. That is to say, no more worrying whether you can go here or there because of the weather, the canopy protects you from all of it.
  • Should it be summer and you find yourself that it’s a hot day, and it’s raining, you can easily modify the canopy to suit the changing weather. So for instance, once it stops raining and you find yourself overheating under the canopy, you can take the doors off allowing cool air to flow in.

All-weather canopies are, as you might guess, completely waterproof and are made from PVC polyester. They will all be see-through on the sides and rear (as well as the front of course) to allow for complete 360 degree visibility. The canopy can also be used at night since it permits light from headlights to pass through. Most canopies will come with zip doors that allow you to open the sides as if they were windows, should you need to talk to someone next to you.

Canopies are easy to assemble and disassemble, and in some cases can be done by yourself! They are also available in a range of colours so you can select a colour that matches your mobility scooter, or even simply a colour that you like!


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