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How to Ride a Mobility Scooter

Mobility Scooters are excellent aids for they elderly and those with physical disabilities. Scooters can give you more energy by taking the burden off you as well as speeding up things you might do on a day to day basis.

This article will give you a brief demonstration of how to ride your mobility scooter.

• Remember to charge the scooter’s battery. Your scooter’s manual will inform you how exactly to charge it, as well as when you should do so, meaning the battery lasts as long as possible.

• After making sure you have sufficient charge to go where you want to, sit yourself down comfortably before releasing the handbrake. This will ensure you can get on without the scooter moving by itself.

• Adjust seat height, length as well as armrests so that you are seated comfortably.

• Make sure both your feet are on the scooter and both hands on the wheel or handlebars. It’s definitely much easier to control, turn and steer your scooter with both hands.

• Turn on the scooter using the start button or ignition key – remember to make sure you are seated appropriately first.
• Release any breaking system that is keeping you in place and press the acceleration pedal to move forward.

• Though mobility scooters generally only have a top speed of around 6-8mph it is important to accelerate slowly. If you accelerate quickly you will only cause damage to the scooter through wear and tear – not to mention you have a greater chance of falling off.

• Try to brake slowly and not immediately by gradually pushing down on the brake pedal or releasing the acceleration pedal. Ensure you leave a good distance between yourself and nearby objects.

• When you have reached your destination and come to a complete stop, remember to turn off the scooter and take out the ignition key. Leaving the scooter running will only cause your battery to lose its power.

• Always ride your scooter on flat, even surfaces. Never attempt to mount curbs or stairs as the scooters are not equipped for such heavy shocks and bumps. Though rather obvious, never attempt to descend stairs on the scooter as you will simply fall off and hurt yourself!

In order to use various features on your scooter you can consult the manual that comes with it. Most however are quite simple to figure out and available on the dashboard. These features include, horn, indicators and headlights.

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