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Off road mobility scooter

Off-road mobility scooters are an excellent choice for those traversing rough terrain. They are ideal for outings like going fishing or other outdoor events held in fields. When selecting your all-terrain mobility scooter there are numerous features to specifically look out for. The most important is ground clearance. Scooters which are designed to run as smoothly as possible often have the smallest ground clearance, and so are far from ideal to use on rough ground. A larger ground clearance is suitable

You should also understand the power of the electric motor itself as afterall, it takes far more power to drive over rough terrain with resistance than over smooth tarmac on the pavement or road. The motor power on an all terrain mobility scooter can range from the bottom end of 850W, 1200W, 1400W all the way through to over 3000W. All terrain mobility scooters will also generally have a larger battery capacity than other scooters. Specifically designed to work in nearly all weather conditions and to withstand the elements, the material used to make an all-terrain mobility scooter is certainly reliable and sturdy.

All terrain mobility scooters generally come with a top speed of 8mph however, there are numerous companies that offer 10 and 12mph versions. They are too fitted with speed limiters that must be used when using the scooter on the road or pavement. So, while on the road the setting would be put at a max speed of 8mph and on the pavement, 4mph.

Off-road mobility scooters also have very few if any cheap plastics that can get easily damaged when driving. Additionally they have the potential to carry up to a whopping 45 stone or 285 kilograms.

Remember as well to be realistic in what you are expecting, so do not expect to be travelling well through thick wet muddy ground on a mere mobility scooter.

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